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Omnimax, why they chose DesignSpark Electrical CAD software

Countless years taking things to bits to see how they Fighting the good SEO & content battle at Kempston Controls! Still Number 3 in the XP table - Booooom!


December 29, 2016 15:25

Hi Harmonitron, thank you for your questions.
Regarding Q1, the 15 page limit is highlighted in our top FAQs section under the question "Are there any limitations with DesignSpark Electrical?"
This aspect did not arise from the users comments for the case study and therefore was not included.
Regarding Q2, there is no option for a paid-for licence version of DS Electrical, and that is why there is no information available for such an option.
There are however some electrical CAD packages from the same developers as DS Electrical which we are happy to recommend.
Please email us at for more information, stating your location and the number of pages you feel would meet your needs and we will pass on your details.

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December 29, 2016 08:37

Q1. Why does every promotion of the DesignSpark fail to mention that the free version is limited to 15 pages / sheets?
Q2. Why is it so difficult to find the price of a licence to do 50, 100 or 500 page drawings?

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June 19, 2018 08:32

@Harmonitron DSE is a simple one from elecworks. it's a free software, but as you see it;s limited to 15 pages. if you want more pages, you should turn to elecworks.

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