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PCB Service provider OKdo is located in London, UK with production in Asia 

OKdo is capable of manufacturing Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-flex, Aluminium, FR4, HDI, Hybrid PCB, Multiple stencil thickness, with a maximum size of 540mm x 540mm / 21.2598 inches x 21.2598 inches inches and up to 20 layers

FR-4,Polyimide, Aluminum, C1100 Cu can be utilised as the base materials for PCB manufacturing by OKdo

The key PCB base brands used by OKdo include: Kingboard,Nanya,ShengYi.

The service provider also offers a range of services including Bare PCB, PCBA, Stencil fabrication and valued added services

  • Multiple stencil thicknesses.
  • Lead free HASL
  • Leaded HASL
  • Imersion Gold
  • Palladium ENEPIG
  • Choice of resist colours, no extra cost
  • Stencil fabrication per customer Gerber.

BOM optimization or alternative components recommendation according to customer's need.

1. Our seamless end-to-end tracking system with live quotes provides the customer with a smooth ordering experience.

2. Our competitive costs will benefit all customers whether its a single prototype to thousands of boards in mass production.

3. Quickest turnaround tims (2 working days for 2 layers PCB, 10-15 days of PCBA) ensure minimal downtime for engineers while boards are being manufactured.

4. A wide choice of fast delivery delivery methods via worldclass logisitics providers including DHL/Fedex,and local postal services.

5. Stencil fabrication to your requirements enable precision quantity of solder deposits on each pad.

6. Use the BOM optimization service where our team of electronics experts are able to recommend alternative components to reduce costs and lead times to meet your needs.

6. All products are checked to ensure the highest quality standards for maximum performace in your end application.

7. Our experienced engingeers are happy to work with you for bespoke projects and unusual size boards, just ask.

Languages spoken include: English, Mandarin and geographies covered include Global

The link below will take you to OKdo, where OKdo’s terms and policies will apply

Go To OKdo website

Contact Details

Telephone: +44(0)2031090210

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