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OK to ignore cm-cm error for alternate part in Design Rules check?

I want to include pads in my design for an alternate, smaller and lower power, relay. The alternate relay has the same pin functions and orientation, and fits nicely overlaid at an offset from the larger relay (see image below). Running tracks between the pins ensures that either relay (with necessary adjustments to the base resistor of the driving transistor) will function correctly in the circuit.

Of course, overlaying components in this manner causes a cm-cm design rule error, which can be removed by unchecking the option in the menu. My question is: will this cause any potential problems when generating Gerber files, or during the manufacturing of the PCBs?


Donald Swearingen

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November 16, 2020 09:03

The Design Rules Check is just a 'check' against the design rules and flags any violations for you to examine and decide if it is what you require. So you can ignore if it is what you want and it will not have any impact on the Gerbers.

Your comment " with necessary adjustments to the base resistor of the driving transistor", this may not require any adjustment as you just require the transistor to saturate when on, so if selected to drive the higher coil current it will also drive the lower coil current.

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November 16, 2020 09:03

@Boss Thanks for the reply. I suspected this was the case, but I appreciate the reinforcement.

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