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Nordic nRF52840-Tutorial 3 How to secure your Bluetooth message.

Hello! You should able to set up Bluetooth communication between two devices. Now I am going to show you how to create your own encryption KEY or Initial factor to communicate securely!

This article will be divided into three parts, including what is encryption, AES 128 encryption and decryption on nRF52840-DK (146-3539) , and how to encrypt the Bluetooth payload.

So why we need encryption? Cause you will not send a mail without an envelope or just mail the letter alone. We need to protect our data with advanced methods in this digital world or Bluetooth communication.

Bluetooth communication needs encryption, and this article will show you some basic knowledge of encryption such as AES, CBC.

The video below shows what Bluetooth security is. The basic of security, a demo of the computational power of nRF52840-DK board while facing the AES-128. Secondly, there will be a demonstration of Bluetooth UART with communication with another software name REAlterm.

Now you know what is "QruglfVhplfrqgxfwru" right?! The plaintext is the password of this tutorial! Be careful, there should be no spacing! (hints: 0:40)

The nRF52840-DK (146-3539) is an excellent board for hardware developers who wants to try Bluetooth on an SoC for IoT application! We have complete all the demonstration hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to see the PDF version of this tutorial attached in detail!

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