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Nordic nRF52840-Tutorial 2 Basic Bluetooth control!

Here it's Brian again, you have learned how to control the LEDs cycle with delay and how to trigger the LEDs and buttons in my previous article. I am going to show you how to manage the LED and Button with feedback via Wireless Bluetooth communication using your smartphone.

image of a number 5 - referring to Bluetooth 5


The nRF52840 supports all three of the leading Bluetooth 5 features in addition to 802.15.4 support. Together with the increased sensitivity of LE Coding, it has a max output power of +8dBm.

Now I will show you how to use the "Terminal" application to check your program output for you to identify any errors on your BlueTooth serial communication. This terminal debugging method could let you know the logic stages' or flags' correctness! The serial port communication requires a tool in capturing the TX and RX signal of the board. I want to suggest the TeraTerm as your very first "Terminal tool" for serial port communication.

Bluetooth devices are top-rated nowadays; it is a trustworthy wireless communication protocol share in the IEEE802.11 standard. This tutorial will inspire you to interact with your project using Bluetooth as a TRUE low latency wireless communication.

This video will show you how to use the TeraTerm to communicate the DK board with your smartphone. You will have to install an application first in-app store or in the google play store with the link below. The video is divided into three parts first, the explanation of the sample code, and then a demonstration on Bluetooth-led control, followed by a challenging task for you to tackle.

This link redirects you to the download page for the app store and Google play store:

Your task: Program any button and display its states(on/off) to the terminal continuously. The extra button requires you to turn on/off the led instantly; simultaneously, the board will also send "LED_ON" and "LED_OFF" to the tera-term or other serial communication application.

We have talked about Bluetooth control and hardware control previously. The forthcoming article is related to security basics; see you soon!

Please feel free to see the PDF version of this tutorial attached in detail!


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