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A fresh approach to Product Development with Flynn Product Design

DesignSpark is a great resource, bringing a community of technical individuals and companies together around a trusted reliable company like RS. Flynn Product Design has spent 20 years making products for amazing clients like you. For those looking for a product development company, that brings a fresh perspective, whether you need a custom enclosure for your "black box" or conventionally outsource your product design, Flynn Product Design focus on your success, enabling you to develop world-class products working to flexible budgets.


In 2021 Flynn Product Design is offering DesignSpark members a promotional code FPD2021 to access Product Development for their latest projects.

Seeking guidance on the commercial viability and manufacturability early on in the timeline will give you the best chances of commercial success. Generally speaking, this also saves the number of PCB iterations to proof of concept and the DFM stages.


The DesignSpark community is full of interesting projects from the maker space environment and Start-Up companies. If you are developing products from scratch we cover questions like "how to get a prototype product made?" we have spent 20 years supporting companies like yours whether you need prototyping or full product development.


Additionally, our focus at Flynn Product Design is optimising for success, so for 5 years now offer Product Design for Start-Up workshops to help you set out in the right direction. The workshops are confidential one on one sessions, focused on maximising your project potential, budget for development, reducing your risk and time to market.


Product Designer and Founder of Flynn Product Design.
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