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Why won't Win 10 defender allow DSM or DSE to install??

I downloaded both Design Spark Mechanical and Electrical and Windows defender will not allow installation of EITHER even with virus protection turned off???


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December 6, 2018 08:58

Just another user here, but a couple of points:

1) I assume you downloaded them from the DesignSpark website here. If not, download them from here.

2) Did you try doing the install using Run as administrator?

3) Making sure you have enough space on your system. (Although if this was the problem, I think the installer will probably make it clear that is the reason.)

Check the FAQ for DS Mechanical here:

Check the download and install FAQ for DS Electrical here:

For problems and issues on using the software, the better place to post your question is in the support section ( There, you can post your question in the community forums, or submit a request directly to tech support. (The forums there and here are user-to-user, while the "Submit a request" link in the support forums is an official tech support mechanism.)

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