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New to LED Lighting? Take a look, "LEDs for Dummies"

Pat Massingale
I graduated with honours in Electronic and Electrical Engineering a while ago now!. Since then, I have spent many years in design and also as an FAE


March 17, 2013 00:50

Thank you mother country and thanks for the quick reply...

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March 16, 2013 20:08

Hello captainchaos,

[quote:1djaweon]Footprint 48LQFP 7 X 7 X 1.4 Anyone have? Thanks[/quote:1djaweon]

Yes, you do! One of the powerful features you have is ModelSource.

I did a search and came up with RS part number 6977470 the AD9874ABST, you can load the preview to check and use component. Then edit

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March 16, 2013 16:32

Footprint 48LQFP 7 X 7 X 1.4 Anyone have? Thanks

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