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New to DSPCB Pro? Find help and support.

With the growing number of Pro users and from examining the type of questions asked of our support team we present some useful pointers to where to find information.

On launch DSPCB Pro presents a "Start Page" with useful tips.
Examine "Where to find more information" which details accessing "Help" and the use of the F1 key to get help on the current task.


As detailed above there is under "Help", a link to a "Users Guide". This is a searchable PDF document of 300 pages that can be downloaded and used as a reference.

We are also building up a Pro tutorials, videos and FAQ page.
Accessible via Help - Tutorials or the link below.

Here you will find useful information as well as an introductory tutorial.

As DesignSpark PCB is a subset of Pro all the current information at
also continues be relevant.

The most common user question relate to library components.
As DSPCB users will be aware we recommend the online resource PCB Part Library (PPL) used with Library Loader to access the online components via the search engine and the details here will help to get you started, just select the DSPCB Pro tool when setting up Library Loader.

For users who wish to use the supplied libraries at install time please see 

The most common user mistake.
Is not selecting a Design Technology file when starting a schematic or PCB design. Ensure you select from the available list. Do not use the "Default Technology" as this simply contains the basics for you to build up your design technology preferences before starting on the actual design.

Getting further assistance.
If after exploring the guides, Help and online tutorials you still do not understand a concept, check on our Application Forums search with some keywords to see if anyone has already asked a similar question. If you don't find an answer, why not post your question so the discussion may help others next time.

If you still have a question then please contact our Support Team where they will work with you to understand and resolve the issue.

Ensure you select correct entries from the pull-down options for the "Form", "Software" and "Version" to ensure you get to the correct Support Team.

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