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24 Feb 2020, 14:14

New standard for small connectors - Ethernet compatible ix Industrial™ (Hirose Electric)

Ethernet communication between electronic equipment has increased with the “Industry 4.0” trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. This brings efficiency of manufacturing with ICT (Information & Communications Technology).

The ix Industrial™ connector by Hirose features a small robust design for use in industrial environments. High-speed transmission of 10Gbps is possible, which greatly contributes to equipment evolution and smart manufacturing applications. The standard interface is compliant with IEC 61076-3-124. It can be widely used as a next-generation standard connector.

It solves problems such as "the connector is large and the mounting space cannot be used freely", "the connector part is easily damaged", and "data becomes large and transmission delays occur".


Overwhelming compact design

The ix Industrial™ offers a reduced size of 75% compared to conventional RJ-45 modular solutions. This size reduction allows for reduced installation space.

The receptacles allow for a parallel 10mm pitch mounting for daisy-chaining in compact units contributing to the size reduction of end-use products.

Resistant to prying and substrate peeling

High board peel strength is realized by Hirose Electric's unique shell design. Resistant to pulling and twisting of cables, shock, and vibration, and reliably protects the plug connection from external loads

High-speed transmission

Cat.6A high-speed Ethernet for 10Gbps transmission.

EMC resistant

A continuous 360-degree shield design prevents interference from external noise. High EMC resistance provides secure high-speed transmission. Ideal for applications in which noise resistance is critical.

Quick wiring certification test is possible

Adapter for ix Industrial ™ connector for DSX CableAnalyzer ™ series developed by Fluke Networks is also available. It provides quick troubleshooting before starting the wiring system or when a problem occurs.

Main application

ix Industrial ™ is being adopted one after another, mainly for applications for industrial equipment. One example of this application is the SIEMENS AG (Siemens) servo drive system.

While improving the efficiency of manufacturing sites using ICT technology such as Industry 4.0, Siemens focused on the small number of assembly parts and the easy connection process, and evaluated it, and adopted ix Industrial ™.


Received the "Electrons d'Or 2017" award in the passive components and connection parts category, sponsored by the electronics magazine "ElectroniqueS" published by POLE ELECTRO, France.


  • Servo amplifier: Compact design enables high-density mounting. EMC resistant
  • Cameras: Certified for machine vision interface standard GigE Vision
  • PLC: Supports miniaturization and high-speed set
  • Robot controller: Robust, ideal for use on manufacturing sites

Further Information

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24 Feb 2020, 14:14