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Grässlin talento smart - New Generation of time switch technology

The all-rounder talento smart – the new generation of timers from Grässlin

Exceptional flexibility thanks to modern transmission technology using Bluetooth and LAN

With the talento smart timers, Grässlin has developed a series that can cover all the functions that previously required up to four different timers to implement. The absolute highlight is the link between the talento smart DIN rail timers and the intelligent Grässlin transmission technology. Grässlin offers heating systems specialists a mobile app and PC software, for free. With this, they can create the programming efficiently and conveniently on an office PC and then transfer it wirelessly to the DIN rail timers. Fitters are now able to program the timers on a PC in their office and then send the program to their smartphone in an email, or perform the programming directly using the app’s menu navigation. On site, the programs can then be transferred wirelessly to the devices via Bluetooth without the need for an additional data carrier. The app also allows you to program the timers easily on the construction site, or export and change existing programs in a few minutes. As an alternative, Grässlin will be launching a new LAN module from the middle of 2018, enabling you to transmit programs via the LAN network. This will provide a huge increase in flexibility and convenience, reducing the time spent working both in the office and on site. The new generation of Grässlin talento smart timers replaces the talento pro range and is a further step down the road to global interconnectivity.

New freedom of choice: program the way you want

In the past, programming timers on the device was very time-consuming. Now, the app allows specialists to do this on the go.  It includes a host of technical innovations that make it easier to implement timer tasks quickly and conveniently in building automation or switchgear construction situations using a smartphone or tablet. If you would rather work on a PC and take advantage of the options to print programs out or archive them with customer data, you can use the software developed by Grässlin. Once you create a template, you can use it on any system (Android, iOS, or Windows). The software and app both feature a clear program layout and intuitive user guidance. This means that there is no need to spend a long time getting to know the software before you start using it.

Something for everything

Often, the specific requirements for the time switch technology have not yet been finalised in detail at the time of installation, or they may alter due to conversions or a change in use- for example, when a new tenant moves in. For this reason, flexible time switch technology is advantageous. With talento smart, the heating systems specialist is always on the safe side. The three variants – Basic, Classic and System – allow the specialist to implement the technologically and economically optimum solution in each case. Thanks to its flexible programming, changes can be made later without any difficulty or need for conversion work. The talento smart’s wide range of possible uses is enabled, in part, thanks to Grässlin’s decision to equip its new timers with a range of outstanding features. These include the large, easily legible display. In addition, the Astro function is integrated with all Classic and System products in the talento smart series. A wildcard function allows you to program recurring events just once, reducing time and effort by up to 80%. There is a copy function to quickly transfer existing programs. The overall system can also be protected by a PIN-entry system. 

Channel extension to up to 8 channels

In the talento smart S25 combined with talento smart CE2, Grässlin gives specialists the option of programming a system with up to eight channels via a single timer. The talento smart S25 itself has two channels. Data is transferred to the CE2 via Bluetooth. This means there is no need to lay wires. Each talento smart LAN module can be connected in turn to up to five talento smart S25 units. This makes it possible to manage large applications conveniently by creating groups. This makes the system ideal for supermarkets or other large retail stores, for example, where main and supplier entrances have different opening hours and parking lot lighting that all need to be controlled centrally. It is also excellent for schools and large administration buildings.

Reliable technology combined with the greatest ease of use; these are the key drivers for GRÄSSLIN GmbH’s development and manufacturing of trend-setting products in the areas of time switching, light and temperature control as well as energy and hour meters- all of which are sold internationally. Grässlin distributes its products in the OEM segment as well as via global retail distribution partners.

22 Jun 2018, 10:36