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Neural Compute Stick 2 use on RPi 3 model B?

I had a look at the Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 gadget and it seems that it uses a completely different set of tools than it's predecessor and those tools are designed to run on x86_64 which means no longer compatible with RPi, which is a great shame! In theory, it's possible to get Ubuntu 16.04 up on the Pi, maybe as a headless server? Will software for AMD 64 run on ARM 64? I'm no expert in this realm! Howver, I'm going to try it out on a regular AMD 68 PC running Ubuntu 16.04.5 and see how it runs.

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December 13, 2018 13:15

The short answer is 'no'. You would need to cross compile all the software that doesn't rely on existing abstraction from the hardware (by using OS library calls that already have been ported, for example) which usually means porting most of the software and underlying libraries.

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