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Multigate component used across multiple schematic sheets - DSPCB & Pro

Multigate components are very useful to make schematics more readable by placing the appropriate gate within the function being designed. As well as for conventional logic gates this is particularly useful for relays and connectors etc.

As designs become larger there is a requirement to use these component gates across multiple schematic sheets. The method is described in the video.

We need to follow this process because multiple schematic sheets within a project use local copies of the components and are not shared between sheets. So how do you place individual gates from a multigate component on different sheets?

This video illustrates the steps to share a multigate component.

The steps are straightforward as illustrated.

Do not be tempted to use cut or copy and paste as this will generate new component parts and not share the individual gates of one component.


To share the gates of a multigate component across sheets.

1. Add a gate of the required component to the schematic and place the unused gates in the component bin.

2. Add a gate from a new copy of the component from the library as above and placed the unused gates in the component bin.

3. To make these gates behave as if in the same component say U1 on the first sheet, using "Properties" make the gate on the additional sheet have the same component reference U1. Select an unused gate from the package.  U1 is now shared across these sheets.

4. Delete the unused component from the second sheet if it will not be required.

If the gates in U1 in the above example are to be used across further sheets, repeat as required.

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