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14 Feb 2017, 10:17

Murata UMA series as a main power supply for small power equipment

One of key features of Murata's small energy device UMA series is the ability to quick charge. When using the UMA series capacitors as a main power supply, you can charge equipment in a matter of seconds, so whenever power runs out you are never left without charge for too long. We explain the reasons why UMA series can be charged quickly in the video below.

Please note - Operation time will change depending on load.

The following table shows an indication of charge time and operation time of the UMA series laminate type (UMAL). 

Charge time  Charged capacity Operation time 
1C(12mA) load  5C(60mA) load  10C(120mA) load 
10 seconds  8% (0.96mAh)  4min 48sec  0min 58sec  0min 29sec 
30 seconds   21% (2.5mAh)  12min 36sec  2min 31sec  1min 16sec 
60 seconds   36% (4.3mAh)  21min 36sec  4min 19sec  2min 10sec 
180 seconds  80% (9.6mAh)  48min 00sec  9min 36sec  4min 48sec 
600 seconds  100% (12mAh)  60min 00sec  12min 00sec  6min 00sec 


 Suitable applications include the following

• PC accessories
• Wearable equipment
• Electric pen
• Other small power equipment

See more on quick charge in the video below.


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14 Feb 2017, 10:17