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star delta motor with 6 hour timer integrated into start stop circuit

i have a star delta mixer at work which i wish to enable to run for six hour stints. I was initially thinking of wiring some sort of timer into the exisiting start stop circuit and would greatly appreciate any wiring diagrams , help and any suggestions on parts needed .

thank you in advance



August 8, 2018 09:06

Hi David5, I have no experience on these, but being curious explored the system and the controllers. The ones I found appear to have two manual switches for start and stop. The start button is a momentary closure and the stop the opposite.
For timer operation you will require a pulsed as the output for 'on' and 'off'. My quick search did not reveal a suitable module, but there does appear to be add on modules that include this functionality and there are timed relays from RS that may help in a multi module configuration
One key warning I read was to ensure the start button can not be permanently shorted/switched as it will remove the ability of the stop button operating.

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