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Can i have some advice please? I have two .55kw 230 va Getriebebau Nord Electric Motor And Gearboxes, Project 1 I want to build a convey with a stop,start,forward,reverse with speed control, what do you recommend for the control of this? Project 2 This motor and gearbox will be used in one direction with no speed control, do I need a starting capacitor and if yes what size and type, Will it need a running capacitor as well if yes what size and type, or can you suggest a different method? Best regards Neil

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July 4, 2019 12:01

Hi Boss, The plate no is. SK8S/4 BRE 10 HL SR F 0/HWE, Cheers Neil

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July 8, 2019 06:30

@Neil8 Sorry cannot find anything useful. but on the Nord website there is a contact form, you could ask for the datasheet. Check your part number as it looked liked it started SK80S in the photo. I also noticed that it had a DC rating as well, if it could run off DC that may provide an alternative solution, but it would be a large PSU. I also could not see any reference to 3phase, but the supply may help.

July 1, 2019 07:16

@Neil, Do you have a datasheet link or the full part/model number?
Most that I found were 3 phase, if it 3 phase you will need a variable frequency drive for project #1 examine something like this You have to be careful running at lower speeds as the motor is often cooled by a fan on the shaft, but smooth starting and stopping is not normally an issue.
As for project #2 I have seen people run a 3 phase motor on a single phase supply with a capacitor to a second phase and the 3rd left open circuit. I'm not sure how reliable this solution is especially for starting and think they do not run smoothly. I would opt for an inverter again.
But this is all academic if it's not a 3 phase motor!

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