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Missing api-ms-win-crt .dll

I recently downloaded DesignSparkElectrical_v1.3 onto a Windows 8.1 PC. But it would not run as an api-ms-win-crt .dll was not installed.  It seems that it is not part of the Microsoft Visual C Redistributable included with the download.  What I had to do was go to the Microsoft support website and download this update that allows programs created on Windows 10 to run on Windows 8.1

Note this takes a long time to run but I found it worked.

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July 23, 2019 07:16

Thank you very much for sharing and that you made it working, however this is a specific situation to your computer. Microsoft redistributable are included in DSE installation.
Microsoft redistributable can also be repaired by installing the redist that can be found here:

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