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Miniature Motion Solutions – the importance of Engineer to Engineer collaboration

If you’re involved in designing and developing devices that require miniature motors, you’ll know that working with a motion control provider you can trust is critical to the success of your project. One key factor to look for when selecting a supplier is the level of importance they give to engineer-to-engineer (or E to E) collaboration, where engineers from the supplier and the customer work collaboratively on the development, from ideation to implementation. Due to the highly technical nature of the miniature motion devices being designed and the unique applications, they are typically designed for, E to E is all the more essential to creating an end device that meets customer requirements.

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engineer to engineer collaboration.

What are the benefits?

Key benefits of E to E collaboration include:

  1. Customization: If you’re thinking about ordering a standard motor from a product catalogue to power your new design, you might want to reconsider! Mini motor engineers have the expertise required to take basic application requirements and customize the motor to go above and beyond those requirements. You might say that engineer-to-engineer collaboration means that you don’t just end up with a mini motor that just works, but instead, one that exceeds your device’s requirements.
  2. Many Minds are Better than One. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Two heads are better than one.” Well, it’s true! When several minds focus on delivering the same project, the end solution is developed more quickly, and the resulting product will be of higher quality than if one person was working on it by themselves.
  3. Improved Efficiency. When engineers work with engineers it also helps to improve the efficiency of the design and development process. Because product experts are gathered around the same table (so-to-speak) for the same project, a lot of “to-ing and fro-ing” regarding technical questions and requirements can be eliminated.
  4. Designing Right First Time. By engaging with the motion supplier’s engineering teams from the outset in the device design process, you’ll ensure the development of a solution that meets your needs and optimizes performance whilst reducing risks. If you start talking to the engineering team from the motion supplier side at a later point in the design process, it may be more difficult to refine the solution – because much of the design process will have already been completed.

So, while selecting and engaging with a specialist motion solution supplier is the first step when developing a new device, the potential for technical collaboration between the developer and the supplier should be top of your wish list when making your supplier selection.

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