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24 May 2018, 15:37

MeterScope Competition Entry

My 'all in one' desk where I do 'all' of my: work, soldering, writing, playing games, coding, sleeping, playing the piano, and more of course :) 

Editor's Note: Great work, you mentioned our presenters' names correctly* and are in the draw to win yourself a Meterscope HS608 courtesy of RS Pro"

With enough components and simple tools at home, I manage to make my own projects. I mainly use a breadboard to connect and test circuits and then solder them on Perfboards / Solder prototype boards. For the more precise work, I bring my projects to work so I can make them in the evenings there with more availability and more stable tools. 

The names in the video: XXXXX and XXXX!

*Names removed by Editor

Test Engineer. Love to play with embedded hardware and software.

24 May 2018, 15:37