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MeterScope Competition Entry

Hi. I think having a digital meter with a scope function will be a huge upgrade to my current workspace and something I will treasure for many years.

I have a keen interest in electronics and most of the items I have were given to me by friends and family. My current project is an upgrade to a 3d printer which was donated to me from work. I have already done the upgrade to the printer head and would like to add a screen and upgraded motherboard. The name of the presenters in the video is XXXXX and XXXX.

Editor's Note: Great work Ghostkingz, you mentioned our presenters' names correctly* and are in the draw to win yourself a Meterscope HS608 courtesy of RS Pro"

Thanks to RS for the awesome opportunity to win an item which can help people who are interested in electronics to help make their learning journey much more exciting. All the best guys and girls.


*Names removed by Editor

I am a hobbyist who is intrested in electronics and mechanical design. I like to tinker around with different things when I have the time. I also like to design and print 3d items.

9 May 2018, 9:20