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Merge 2 copies of an object?


In the attach rsdoc there is an object that I would like to combine with a copy of itself; but that has so far proved intractible.

It looks like this:

It is actually a concatenation of 3 copies (with the middle one reorientated by 90°) of a simpler object; and they are hollow (shelled):

Due to the non-orthoganal (but required) orientation of the object with respect to the global axis, duplicating it in a way that allows the two to be correctly aligned, is a bit of an elaborate process requiring the copy to be rotated 90° around its long axis and that neccessitates reorientating  the move handle several times:

However, even with that done correctly, the two will not combine illiciting the usual:

I believe it is because there are several 'knife edges' that meet:

A hypothysis confirmed by the fact that if you move one just 0.0001mm 'into' the other, they will combine.

The problem is, I want to combine many, much longer rows together, and in 3D, so altering the spacing that way screwed subsequent operations up.

Is there another way of getting these to combine?

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