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Why is adding text not basic feature in DSM 5

Like earlier question, why is adding text to an object not a basic feature in DSM and requires pulling object as shown in this video - I having been researching which low cost/no cost 3D app to invest learning time in and I like DSM 5 and good support community, but basic feature like easy to add text seems strange and I'm leaning towards Alibre Atom 3D. Thoughts appreciated.

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November 23, 2020 08:21

Hi, there are more tutorials on adding text here:

The paid drawing and bundle add-ons provide a 'note' button to quickly add and customize text:
You'd still need to project the text onto a solid and PULL to engrave it.

DSM inherits features from the ANSYS SpaceClaim software and there are limitations on what the free DesignSpark version can offer while keeping the paid ANSYS product competitive.

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November 23, 2020 08:23

I agree text is the worst process to do in DSM every-time i nead text i have to watch the video because it is so complicated.

but that is the only thing that is a draw back of this program I had tried a lot of other cad programs and could not make heads or tales with them for even the basic functions not just one but all functions required a cheat sheet to operate.
DSM is the first and only cad that everything is out in the open simple clicks seamless transition between functions, I have all those other expensive programs and can not do anything in them.

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