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Unable to install the App on a Win 10 client due to Security Folder permissions

Hi , Can anyone help me , I am trying to install but I cant seem to solve the problem and it maybe a local box security issue from my company , I have tried local admin , installing it from the user directory , run as admin , put the user in the local admin group , run as admin from the icon , I have tried compatilbility mode as well Win 7 and Win 8. 

Any suggestions please



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March 29, 2021 15:14

After much messing about with increasing user directory privileges, I have the software installed, but I'm left with a couple of errors, "EwWebClient is not registered" and "Cannot load TrisParser". The only way to get around this is to run the software as an administrator.

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February 9, 2021 12:18

Hi Chris,

What specific error message are you seeing during installation? can you send a screenshot in reply?

Best regards,

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February 9, 2021 12:17

@Joy Ch I think I am having the same issue, I have screen shot of the error message but can't seem to attach on here? thanks James

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