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Trouble Adding DesignSpark Mechanical Exchange Add-on Module

Hi, I have been using DesignSpark Mechanical 4.0 for a number of years and decided to purchase the Exchange Add-on Module 8523012.  I have received the email containing the download link and serial number, and have downloaded and extracted the DSMUpgrade_1.0 .exe file, however whenever I run the .exe file I get the following message and the upgrade aborts –   “No DesignSpark Mechanical installation was found. The upgrade cannot continue”


I do have a valid DesignSpark Mechanical installation and the program About tab shows it is licensed to me, I also have a valid user account which shows that DesignSpark Mechanical is activated.


Can anyone provide any light on why I cannot get the upgrade to complete. I need the extra functionality the add-on provides urgently so any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.




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January 20, 2020 09:18

Hi Martin,

We have picked this case up with you on

Kind regards,
DSM Support

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