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New User Various Questions (finger joints, non combined parts, plan to laser cutter etc)

Hi all, 

Have not started using DS mechanical yet, but have watched a few tutorials on getting started. 

Interested to know the following:

1) Can finger joints (for timber fit together pieces) be done? (I found a great demo on how to do with in Fusion  Fusion360: Automatically sized finger-joints - YouTube  I am not a Fusion user, but like how this has been setup to save time in the future.

2) Can separate parts be isolated with a 2D plan (including measurements) being able to be printed?

3) Can plan views be exported to Corel (or a simialr program via some process), so that a 2D component can be cut or engraved using a laser cutter?

4) I understand DS mechanical may not have the save parametric features as DS, but the ability to use and define formulaes/variable constraints looks very useful. Does anything like this exist in DSM yet?



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February 7, 2021 10:15

Finger joints can be made with DSM.
There is an 'Equation' editor as well as the new 'Constraint based sketching' so the 'Sketch in 2D' is fully parametric.
You can export your file as a DXF file that can be used for laser cutting.
One thing I would note, if you create a 3D model. Make sure that the face you want as a DXF file must be in a plan view. Also go to the Display tab - Graphics - Hidden Line Removed. If you don't then all underlying lines will be cut as well as the top line that you can see.
To get a better answer about the Constraint based sketching, ask your question again on the link below, with a New post. A fellow helper named Tim will explain in more depth.

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