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Installation DSM 5.0

I have a LENOVO laptop (i7, 8GB, Win_10 up to date) and I installed DSM 5.0 over the previous v 2.0 and 4.0 without any problem.. and I use it with great satisfaction...Thank you

But I'm unable to install DSM 5.0 on my  much more powefull Desktop with 2x 24" displays... (ASUS, i7, 16 GB, Intel Graphics, Win 10 up to date) over the previous v 2.0 !!! who was working for many years !

I desinstalled DMS and Space Claim Viewer, clean the register, reboot.... and either after 3 times those manips... DSM 4.0 nor DSM 5.0 will  start ???

When you clic the ICON or start the" DSM.exe"....nothing appens !

BUT the  "Space Claim Viewer" works fine !! I can see all my designed  .stl  files

If you get any tips... I will greatly appreciate, I did not find any infos on the net to correct the problem !

Best regards



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October 6, 2020 07:23

Can you send over the latest 10 log files and create a support ticket for this here?

how to get DSM log files:

support ticket request:

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