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Editing software


I would like to add few features which i am going to program it by editing software. Is it allowed to edit the software?

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January 13, 2021 12:17

Hi jmex,

No, an end-user cannot add new features for DesignSpark Mechanical. Also, modification or reverse engineering of the source code is not allowed under the EULA:

However, if you have the paid upgrade to DSM called ANSYS SpaceClaim (, you can write custom add-ins to the software in .NET programming languages (like C#) by making use of the SpaceClaim API. This may require permission from the developer if you intend to publish the add-ins rather than for personal use.
Example usage of the SpaceClaim API v18 for ANSYS SpaceClaim software add-ins can be found in attached.

Best regards,
DSM Support

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