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DSM tries to load a non-existing file

I see that you are using several of my designs/tutorials to promote DSM so I am hoping that you will help me with this problem. Please view the Unlisted video (link below) in conjunction with this text.

The problem concerns the loading of a complex assembly (of a model locomotive) which seems to want to load an rsdoc file/3D part that does not exist in the loco assembly. When the part/file is ignored the assembly loads into DSM but the unloaded file is not displayed in the structure tree in italics so that it can be deleted. Thus enabling a tidied up assembly and a clean load.

I have tried both version 4 & 5 of DSM.

Thanks Jim Taylor

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January 25, 2021 08:17

Did you create this yourself?
From what I can see, the 'file' that is missing is 'sheet 2'
'Sheets' are 'Drawing Sheets' you would need to have the Annotation Add-On for this to load correctly.

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