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DesignSpark Mechanical cannot connect to the interne

DesignSpark Mechanical cannot connect to the internet! Is there a solution for this? All other programs Chrome/Fireforx/Edge can connect; however, DSM complains of no internet connection. This error from DSM is frustating and make the software unusable.

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July 29, 2020 08:28

Where are you connecting from? Are you at a workplace or home? Business network policies may prevent the software from calling our server to activate your copy of DSM. There are some tips to resolve that:

Home connection policies are much more relaxed and will not block the API call.

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September 1, 2020 08:42

@DesignSpark, I too have this issue in our corporate workplace due to firewall restrictions. In my case I can request whitelisting of the URL, are you able to advise what the URL is that DSM is trying to access?

September 2, 2020 08:35

@CTH101 The URL you'd need to allow is: A proxy authentication bypass is ideal as it allows the DSM application to have direct internet connection for activation. Details also available in this FAQ:

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