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Can't login

Can't login. It saya "internal server error

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May 28, 2020 21:38


Do you have the 32-bit version of DSM 2.0. If yes, open a Windows Command terminal
(ÇMD) as administrator and switch to the directory where DSM is installed (under
Program Files):

cd C:\Proqram Files\DesiqnSpark\DesiqnSpark Mechanical 2.0

Press enter to run the command and then enter the below line.
SpaceClaim.exe /ForceRsReglnfoReset=true

You should be asked to login to DSM again. Make sure your internet connection is on
and enter your DesignSpark username & password. This should hopefully have your
access to DSM restored.

Let us know how it goes.

Also, does your computer have 64-bit Windows? If yes, we would recommend updating
to latest 64-bit version 4.0 of DSM which has newer features & bug fixes:

Kind regards,

DSM Support

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