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Cannot toggle between constraint based sketching and normal sketching on restart

Hi there i'm trying to draw polygons in DesignSpark mechanical 5.0. To enable the polygon tool, you need to disable constraint based sketching and restart, which I've done.

However on restarting, I open the project and it immediately defaults back to constraint based sketching. No matter how many restarts it cannot come out of advanced mode. Looks like a bug, has anyone see this too?

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August 4, 2020 16:37

Can't say I have seen this issue in the beta or with the stable release. Which build have you got? Check in Help/Resources -> About. It should be 2020.1.0.07232. If not, update from here:

If you have the latest build (7232) and still see the issue, better to re-generate the config file as it may have been corrupted somehow. Go to File -> DesignSpark options-> Advanced-> Reset all user settings.
Then, toggle off the constraints mode and re-open DSM.

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