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Change Log


DesignSpark Mechanical Version 4.0

New features
  • Revamped registration/activation system and more informative start page 
  • Blend/loft tool, Auto-Save for backups
  • User interface now translated to 13 more languages, including Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Thai, Turkish, Spanish, Korean, Malay, Hungarian, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Slovak, Slovenian...
  • Prepare your 3D model for printing with a seamless integration to the popular & open-source Ultimaker Cura slicing software 
  • Get instant production & delivery quotes for your 3D designs from the 3D hubs global printing marketplace. 
  • Know when new versions of DSM are introduced at the click of a button (in the Help/Resources tab). 
  • Check out possible upgrade paths for more advanced features from our own DesignSpark Mechanical add-ons or the ANSYS software suite. 
  • Ability to right-click structure tree item and analyze your solid body geometry for errors and how to fix them. 
  • FOR DSM ADD-ON users: NEW STEP AP242 (including manufacturing part information) format support 
  • Switch between multiple graphics rendering drivers and modes. 
  • Export 3D geometry in DreamWorks open-source OpenVDB file format.
  • 4K and Ultra HD monitor support updated Windows 10 UI elements & look. Enhanced rendering options for high-end GPUs
  • Fixes to isolated cases of designs crashing to a lightweight document and new Windows 10 updates causing problems with software menus.
  • Fix for 'Design1.rsdoc' ghost file appearing when attempting to exit the software
  • Fixed: DXF export issue with certain Drawing sheet formats (add-on modules only)
  • Fixed: Shelling with rounded & chamfered edges with different radii would fail
  • Ability for add-on users to reset their own licence key within DesignSpark Mechanical options and migrate between PCs at any time
  • For full list of new features please visit DSM Support Centre

DesignSpark Mechanical 2.0 contains general fixes for the base software and improvements in customisation options for features included only with the paid Drawing (852-3015) and Bundle (852-3019) add-ons.


Ver 2.1 (18 Nov 2015): This is a minor release containing general fixes for the base software and improvements in customization options for features included only with the paid Drawing (852-3015) and Bundle (852-3019) add-ons. Here's a detailed list:

  • Fixed issue with not being able to double-click open RSDOC files
  • Added more font-related commands in dimension mini-toolbar (DRAWING/BUNDLE add-on users only)
  • Added 'Detailing' ribbon in DSM properties ('gear' icon under the top-left DSM button) to customize Drawings; using a custom drawing sheet/business template, easier switching between default standards (JIS, ISO, CB, ASME), linestyle options (lineweights, annotation object appearances), modify drawing grids & views among others (DRAWING/BUNDLE add-on users only)
  • Added support for local CHM help file if one exists in application directory "C:\Program Files\DesignSpark\DesignSpark Mechanical 2.0" or, "C:\Program Files (x86)\DesignSpark\DesignSpark Mechanical 2.0" (must be named SpaceClaim.chm)
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