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Maxim MAXREFDES82 reference design smart force sensor

Maxim reference design MAXREFDES82 - Smart Force Sensor.

MAXREFDES82 includes an industrial smart force sensor. Mounted on a quadrant of load cells it's channelled into a multi-channel, 24-bit analogue-to-digital converter. The MAXREFDES82 senses weight and the centre of mass for objects placed on the platform.

Capable of providing full-scale responses up to 780g. A user interface provides an active display of the centre of mass on the platform, together with the total measured weight.

In addition to serving as a smart force sensor, the design works as a ruggedized touch interface with force sensing. In normal operation it consumes less than 50mA, also featured is a USB interface for quick evaluation and integration

MAXREFDES82 reference design

DesignSpark PCB files for MAXREFDES82 at Ultra Librarian

MAX11254, (190-4986)

Full BOM attached below


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