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Martymic Talking Micrometer for a Blind Engineer

Martyn contact me through Ramp ( and is an engineer who builds

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
1 Canakit Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit with 16GB Card 181-2039
1 Visaton Round Speaker Driver, 5W nom, 10W max, 4Ω 181-2071
1 RS PRO, 3.7V, Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery, 2Ah 125-1266
1 Bluetooth Micrometer 6989783179834

Martyn contacted me through Remap ( and is an engineer who builds competition go-cart engines. Advanced visual impairment means that reading precision measuring equipment is now impossible for him, so I set out to solve the problem.

The solution is the combination of a Bluetooth enabled digital micrometer, available for industrial users who log measurements for quality purposes to PCs etc, and a single board computer called a Raspberry Pi Zero.

This mini-marvel supports Bluetooth and has been programmed in Python to receive the measurements from the micrometer and using a freely available TTS (Text to Speach) engine, and a small audio amp and speaker, read out the measurement.

Martyn previously had to get other people to make precision measurements of his engines, but now he can make them himself.

Outside of the Bluetooth Talking Micrometer

Inside of the Bluetooth Talking Micrometer

I'm an engineer involved in embedded control using a Python based system. In my spare time I volunteer for a national charity called Remap ( who make custom designed modifications and devices to help disabled people more able. I mainly work on electronics type projects using Arduinos and Raspberry Pis. I have also won the Heinze Wolf award for one of my designs, which is also featured in a film on OKDO.

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