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Making it at the Maker Faire



What is Maker Faire? Maker Faire is part science fair, part country fair and part something completely different, attracting, makers, designers, tech enthusiasts, crafters, teachers, hobbyists, tinkerers, engineers, artists, authors, commercial exhibitors and just about everyone else in between. It’s the greatest show and tell event in the world, basically!

Makers from all over the world come to these events to showcase what they have made, and what they may have learned and share those experiences with visitors. The average home-based maker often doesn’t have the ability to reach out to a larger audience, Maker Faire provides them with an outlet for their creative talent, whilst providing visitors with the opportunity to quench their fascination for science, technology, art and crafts that they perhaps would never encounter.

What can you find?


Since its conception in 2006, Maker Faire has continued to flourish, demonstrating the popularity of making, attracting hundreds of thousands of people to Maker Faire events in all corners of the world. It’s not just about technology or science, these increasingly popular events cater for a broad spectrum of innovation, including science, engineering, craft, art and performance. Designed for everyone and anyone, no matter what your age or interest, the Maker Faire is guaranteed to whet your appetite for making and possibly inspiring your next creation.

Bringing the Spark to Maker Faire

RS Components and DesignSpark will be making their way to the Maker Faire In Rome, Italy, which is running from the 1st-3rd of December 2017. Whilst they are there they will be demonstrating some fantastic tech like the pi-Top and RS Pro products, as well as our impressive range of free tools, all the while showing you how DesignSpark and RS Components can make you become a better maker. If you are intending on visiting the Maker Faire in Rome, please don’t be shy, come along and say ‘Hello’ to the team and get yourself some of our great giveaways!

What’s on?


The event in Rome this year is destined to be the biggest ever, packed to the rafters with innovation in every shape and form, from 3D printing, the IoT and Biology to Arduino, Robotics, Drones and so much more.  Last year over 110k visitors passed through the doors in Rome making it the biggest Maker Faire outside of America. There are literally hundreds of exhibitors this year, far too many to count and the list is growing by the day. Whatever your passion there is bound to be something that stirs your interest, and perhaps someone’s designs might catch your eye and inspire you to get making!

If you want a better picture of who is exhibiting in Rome, you can explore the list of Exhibitors.

There are smaller events called Mini Maker held regularly if you can’t make the larger Maker Faire events, the video below shows you what went on at the Mini Maker event in Cincinnati 2017.


Get yourself and your family along to your nearest Maker Faire, it’s a great day out for young and old alike. Who knows, you might be showcasing your great idea at a Maker Faire near you sooner than you think!

Click here to watch more videos about Maker Faire on Youtube

Get your tickets here for the Rome Event


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