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Maker Tonic Episode One - Off the Grid Solar Manufacturing

Maker Tonic is a new YouTube show which gives you an inside look into the lives interesting people making things happen. The show is based in Richmond, VA USA.

In this first episode they visit a company called Solar Mill, where owner Bert Green is powering his entire shop using solar energy. His shop includes a homemade 4ft x 8ft CNC machine, 3D printers, CO2 and DIY laser cutters and loads of other cool tools!

He talks through his current project, building a Mobile, Solar Powered Manufacturing Machine as he calls it, built around a golf cart from Peebles. The golf cart will have solar panels on the roof and can be plugged in to the shop's electrical system to give more power or be used as a mobile CNC, 3D printer and laser station ready to make in moments time.

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4 Oct 2016, 16:53