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Lights Fantastic Challenge – POVception a persistence of vision globe inside a persistence of vision globe.



Software Engineer with background in C and C++ and STM fanboy. Mostly works on the Rust programming language in my spare time working on developer tools and the embedded ecosystem.


January 7, 2019 08:36

A possible enhancement - auto calibration using a photo sensor limited to a narrow angle of view by a short black tube, aimed up at the globes. Illuminate one globe, wait for the spike on the photosensor as the LEDs pass it, that tells you the rotational position of that ring. Turn that globe's LEDs off, turn the other on, and detect the zero column of the second globe. It would need very few, inexpensive parts.

I'm also curious about how the unit looks in person compared to the video. My guess would be that it looks better in person, because the human persistence of vision is longer than typical video frame rates. I don't know off hand if there are inexpensive or free programs that easily allow filtering of multiple frames in a sliding window to increase the effective persistence of the video capture. Perhaps I should google...

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December 13, 2018 13:16

Awesome project

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