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Lift Off! New Products

Hi, I'm the Spaceman. I spend my time exploring the world of electronics for the newest and most exciting new product launches.

Here I countdown my selection of Top 5 products launched by RS Components in February 2019.

Let the countdown begin...

5. EMI-KIT-XY Safety Capacitor Solutions


RS Stock No: (181-2404)
Mfr Part No: EMI-KIT-XY
Brand: Vishay

This engineering sample kit from Vishay is great for prototyping designs. It contains a total of 48 different safety capacitors, which differ in technology, classification, capacitance value, dielectric, and rated voltage.

4. RS Pro Temperature Datalogger


RS Stock No: (179-9535)
Brand: RS Pro

Easy to use battery-powered data loggers with USB interface for simple setup and download of readings, with options including Temperature, Temperature and Humidity or Voltage measurement (30V DC).

3. Traco Power TXM 200 SMPS


RS Stock No: (177-8067)  
Mfr Part No: TXM 200-112 
Brand: Traco Power

A great range of 200 Watt encased AC/DC power supplies designed for cost critical applications. Features high temperature up to 65°C, active power factor correction >0.95 and overcurrent limitation and short circuit protection.

2. ON Semiconductor motor driver module solution kit


RS Stock No: (180-6981)
Mfr Part No: LV8702VSLDGEVK
Brand: ON Semiconductor

The LV8702VSLDGEVK offers a plug-in driver module, baseboard, API libraries and a user-friendly graphical interface. This allows engineers with limited experience and motor driver knowledge to start designing motor applications quickly.

1. Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2


RS Stock No: (181-1851)
Mfr Part No: NCSM2485.DK
Brand: Intel

Access neural network functionality without the need for large expensive hardware. Incorporate computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to your IoT and edge devices. Perfect for developers, data scientists, AI engineers and academics.


This is just a small selection of the new products introduced by RS Components during the past month. To view all new launches please click on the image below.

Exploring the world of electronics and keeping you up to date with the industry’s latest product launches.

20 Feb 2019, 8:46