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led driver compatibility

I have an old stage moving head light that the igniter for the lamp has failed. I was hoping to replace the lamp with 809-2170 (Cree CXA1850-0000-000N0HW250H, XLamp CXA1850 White CoB LED, 5000K)

Would 103-4311 (Mean Well ELG-75-36A, Constant Current / Constant Voltage Potentiometer LED Driver 75W 36V 2A, ELG-75 Series) be a suitable driver

And 389-3451 (Heatsink, 61.8 x 50 x 32mm) offer sufficient cooling for the led in question

Thank you all for your help with this request Steve


January 9, 2020 08:54

Thank you so much for your help with the money I saved will get an extra led

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January 9, 2020 08:55

Be aware that RS# 809-2170 is obsolete (on clearance).
Cree lists the CMA1825 series as recommend alternative part for the CXA1850 series.
RS Stock No. 171-2935 looks like about the closest to the one you were considering.
It is 4000K color temperature (a little warmer than the CXA1850), but has a slightly better color rendering index. It is about twice as efficient (lumens/watt), and about 1/4 the cost of the CXA1850. The brightness of the CMA1825 at 0.7 amp is about 3/4 that of the CXA1850 at 1.4 amp (the levels at which they are tested/binned), but both can be operated at higher currents with adequate cooling. With the CMA1825 part's higher efficiency, thermal management will be easier, and you can probably get more light out of it than the CXA1850 before reaching the max current specs on each.

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