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Ive just installed LED foglights in my car, non CANbus with fans. They cause radio interference. Is the answer to fit a ferrite choke? Can you suggest a suitable size and supplier in Cape Town? interference. Is the answer a ferrit choke

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May 11, 2020 07:50

Hi Robin doing a search on this shows it's a significant problem for many people worldwide. A summary of what I found is clamp on ferrite chokes may make a difference, better made LED's with all metal assembly are better and cleaning and checking ground wiring points do not make much difference.
My approach would be to disconnect the fog lights except for one, tune to a radio station with some interference. If possible then try some capacitive decoupling as close to the LED connections as possible, non-polarised will be easiest and various ceramics of different sizes of suitable voltage rating.
If that does not do much, then some clamp on ferrites such as these
If they fail it may be the LEDs are just not suitably designed.

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