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Can someone please tell me which driver is best for CXA 2540 cob

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February 7, 2020 08:56

Hi Sam,

We have a range of drivers which should suit. As in the comment from Brad this is dependent on what brightness you would be hoping to get etc. But I have detailed some options below that would enable you to drive the COB correctly with one option giving a dimming function;
• IZC045-040A-9266C-SA – RS Stock Code: 780-5786
• IZC070-050A-9267C-SA – RS Stock Code: 780-5802
• IZC070-035F-0067C-SA – RS Stock Code: 780-5792

Have you thought about your heat management for this COB and secondary optics? We also have solutions stocked in RS as well, if this was of interest;
• ILA-TIM-CLUSTER-25X25-2A. – RS Stock Code: 906-2745
• ILA-HSINK-RADL-70X20MM-BLK – RS Stock Code: 920-9439
• C14036_CLAMP-CXA25-30 – RS Stock Code: 170-9725
• C13324_LENA-ST-BASE-CXA25 – RS Stock Code: 146-0812

If you have any questions please do feel free to contact us.

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January 15, 2020 15:41

It depends on your requirements. For example, what mains voltage(s) do you need to accommodate? Do you need dimming capability? If you need dimming, how do you want to control the dimming? Form factor and agency approvals?
If you are trying to get the maximum brightness, you will need a driver that can supply up to at least 42 volts, and 2.1 amps. But that needs to be scaled back in some cases depending on the ambient temperature you expect (see page 2 of the data sheet for operating limits).

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