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4 Feb 2019, 16:49

LED lighting and hospitality, a concrete example of energy savings.

Key facts of the project:

  • the scope was redesigning the suites "Modern Serenity" and "Classic Monochrome" in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Frankfurt in 2017
  • the collaboration was between the hotel brand and the magazine Wohnidee
  • the interior design concept was masterminded by JOI-Design interior designers
  • the suites have a connecting thread: the homely atmosphere that welcomes guests, despite the differences in their design

Solution from LEDVANCE

Both lamps and luminaires, as well as the light itself, are used as design elements so the lighting integrates very harmoniously into the interior design. In the living and sleeping areas of the suites, designer luminaires complement the high-quality interior design. Globe lamps from the LED Vintage 1906 Edition cast stylish light accents in the bathroom via mirror lighting installations. And LED filament lamps with PenduLum Pro base provide a real retro eye-catcher. The lighting effect is the clear focus with LED spotlights from LEDVANCE installed in the entrance area, bathroom, and kitchenette: attention is drawn to the modern interior with the warm white accent lighting. In the bedroom and living area, cove lighting made possible with flexible LED modules under the OSRAM brand, cements the atmospheric ambience with its pleasant, indirect light bathing the suites.

“The service and the products from LEDVANCE won us over: we were able to fulfill the requirements of our light planning optimally thanks to the comprehensive one-stop portfolio – flexible LED modules and components, modern LED lamps, and efficient LED luminaires."

Heinrich Böhm, JOI-Design

Heinrich Böhm, Senior Designer & Associate at JOI-Design says “We are really satisfied with the lighting effect and the quality of the LEDVANCE luminaires.”  With their warm light colour of 3000K plus a nominal wattage of just 6.5W, the swivel-mounted LED spotlights provide an ideal replacement for inefficient recessed halogen spotlights – the LED luminaires achieve up to 90% energy savings in comparison with conventional technology and offer a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours (L70/B50). Spotlights could also be used in the bathroom due to the availability of IP65 versions. This meant a consistent design language could be achieved throughout the suites.


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4 Feb 2019, 16:49