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11 Jun 2019, 9:44

LED Grow Lights for Horticulture - Upcoming Seminars

LED lighting is revolutionising the future of horticulture and indoor farming. Ever-evolving technologies and new innovations are enabling year-round sustainable plant growth, whilst improving energy efficiency. Research and advancements with LEDs are driving this forward. The complexities and knowledge required is growing daily, with different plants or crops requiring individual and specific spectral illumination and control. 

Join OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, world leaders in LED technology for horticultural and agricultural applications, with Intelligent Horticultural Solutions (IHS), their UK Systems Integration Partner, for a free one-day seminar. We will discuss all the latest Horticultural LED technological advancements and introduce new ranges of Horticultural products for growers and researchers with hands-on demonstrations at the seminar.

Intelligent Horticultural Solutions (IHS) was formed to help support the development and manufacture of products in the fast-moving exciting area of horticultural LED lighting, bringing together years of experience and key horticultural LED and optic manufacturers to enable a perfect solution.

There will also be the chance for one-to-one discussions with both the OSRAM and IHS engineers to discuss any LED technology or product requirements that you may have, whilst networking with key players from the Industry, with hands-on demonstrations of new and existing products. There may also be an opportunity to visit horticultural areas within the venue. 

Book your place here - We look forward to welcoming you at the Seminar.


NEW Horticultural LED Grow Lights now available through RS Components!

The Florence range of products is specifically designed for low and no-sunlight applications, maximising growth potential whilst minimising both initial purchase costs and on-going running costs. Florence is no deeper than a standard fluorescent tube fitting, so replacing fluorescent’s now means you do not lose any growing space. The modular design enables very simple installation, and with a standard, 100-240V AC mains input, electrical installation is also quick and easy, further saving time and costs. Multiple recipes are available for the vast majority of horticultural applications.

The Florence range of products are targeting 4 areas of horticulture: Biomass, Seeding, Flowering and Fruiting.

LED Recipe

Part Number

RS Article














Florence hanging and joining brackets are also available for easy installation.

All our horticultural LED Grow Lights will be on show at our 2019 Horticultural LED seminars.

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ILS is a division of Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) a well-established and respected industry leading display and opto-electronics solutions provider. IGS’ provides semi-custom or custom products both in component and sub-assembly form. All the senior staff have been involved with the opto-electronics industry for at least 20 years and are dedicated to ensuring that ILS is an innovative and highly successful operation.

11 Jun 2019, 9:44