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Learn how to deliver IoT Edge capability with our exclusive workshops and kit package

Learn to develop and deliver real IoT Edge applications for use in industrial processes.

Working in partnership Zerynth and RS Components have devised an exclusive IoT Edge Kit and Workshop package that is tailored to self-learning. In the interview below, we discuss this new opportunity with Daniele Mazzei from Zerynth. We learn more about the kit and workshop package and why as a self-paced learning tool, it's great for both industrial process engineers and engineering students alike. 

The Zernyth kit (219-6059) contains all you need to get started.

The workshops are delivered by Zerynth engineers and follow 5 progressive steps to give you a structured learning curve.



Where can we purchase this Kit and Workshop package?

This Kit and Workshop package can only be purchased at RS Components under this stock number (219-6059)

How is the workshop delivered?

Once you have received your purchase from RS it will contain an access code. This can be activated using the ACTIVATION REQUEST link below. Note: The workshop material is hosted on DesignSpark, registration with DesignSpark is completely free.

Activation Request

After your activation is registered, you will receive an email giving you access to all training materials including the 16 video workshops. 

Is there any additional support provided?

Yes, the purchase allows you to request 3 x 30min sessions with a Zerynth Engineer. After activation, you will be able to book these with Zerynth.

Can I access the training workshops without purchasing a kit?

Unfortunately not, this is an RS exclusive and is only sold as a Kit and Workshop package.

Image from lesson one.

IoT and Edge workshop with Zerynth

Image from lesson 5.

Zerynth IoT and edge workshops

Workshop lesson breakdown

Lesson 1: Industrial IOT and Industry 4.0

Lesson 2: The 4ZeroBox

Lesson 3: The Zerynth Suite

Interfacing with Industrial machines

Lesson 4: Interfacing with digital machines

Lesson 5: Interfacing with Industrial analogue sensors and interfaces

Lesson 6: Interfacing with Serial RS485

Lesson 7: Edge processing and filtering of acquired data 

Store Data Management

Lesson 8: Store on SD

Lesson 9: Timers, Thread and Watchdog

Lesson 10: Store on TSLog

Cloud Services Integration

Lesson 11: Introducing the Zerynth Device Manager

Lesson 12: Zerynth Device Manager data stream

Lesson 13: Zerynth Device Manager Jobs and control actions

Lesson 14: Zerynth Device Manager conditions

Lesson 15: 4ZeroBox Firmware over the air update

Integration with Zerynth Storage and Dashboard

Lesson 16: Integrate and Build a Dashboard

Zerynth IoT Workshop

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