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LeakKiller Challenge update

As it’s been a month since we launched the LeakKiller Challenge here on DesignSpark, we thought that it would be good to see how you are all getting on with the challenge. Let us know how things are coming along by posting a comment below, or asking a question if there is something you need answering.

Hopefully you have had a little time now to develop your project, but if you haven’t, there is still plenty of time as the last date for submission is 27th November.

We can't believe that it's now officially autumn, my hasn't time moved fast. With autumn brings those colder nights and frosty mornings and like most, you'll be turning the heating on and getting ready for those long cosy winter nights.


This change in weather brings attention to another dimension in our fight to stop water leaks. Frozen pipes are one of the main culprits in water leaks developing. If you haven't lagged your tanks and insulated your pipes, then that big cold snap could have you more than just shivering. If your heating stops suddenly, or you get strange smells or small amounts of water coming from the taps, the likelihood will be frozen pipes, and if you don't act quickly then disaster can strike.

When water in pipes freezes it expands, this can create as much as 2000lb of pressure, per sq. inch. A couple of cycles of this and the pipe will burst, releasing gallons of water until the supply is turned off, hopefully with Leakkiller we can remove the risk of that.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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10 Oct 2017, 9:06