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LeakKiller Challenge - still time to get your entries in

With the LeakKiller Challenge entering it's last 3 weeks, you are probably now adding the finishing touches and generally getting everything to together for your entry.

If you are finding an overall solution in the remaining time daunting, why not focus on one of the 3 elements to still be in with a chance to win £5,000. Remember it's £5,000 per element, as described below.

  1. Detect flow: detect ‘unusual activity’ – e.g. water flowing for longer periods than normal
  2. Detect and monitor leaks: detect where there shouldn’t be water – e.g. under appliances, boiler, water tank, bath etc.
  3. Supply shut off: automatic / remote shut off of water supply to avoid damage to the home. Could also include other elements, for example, power shut off.

Also, here is a quick link to the Guidance Notes which could prove helpful.




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