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LeakKiller Challenge Guidance Document & Terms and Conditions

Design an open source hardware solution to stop water leakage via IoT 

Here is everything you need to know about entering the LeakKiller Challenge.

 What is the objective of this design challenge?

Water leaks cause serious damage to homes bring emotional stress and can have a high financial impact  Using the right mix of technology, we could help to minimise this. Solutions could be found that not only detect unusual water flow but also turn off the main water supply to a home in the event of leak detection. This is your chance to design such a system in return for up to £15,000.

When will it run?

The LeakKiller Challenge will run from 4th September 2017 until 27th November 2017. Winners will be announced in January 2018.

What should my entry include?

Your solution will be judged on the 3 categories below;

  1. Detect flow: detect ‘unusual activity’ – e.g. water flowing for longer periods than normal
  2. Detect and monitor leaks: detect where there shouldn’t be water – e.g. under appliances, boiler, water tank, bath etc.
  3. Supply shut off: automatic / remote shut off of water supply to avoid damage to the home. Could also include other elements, for example, power shut off.

There is a £5,000 cash prize for each of the Design Challenge Categories – 1, 2 and 3 above.

One designer (or team) could potentially win £5k, £10k or £15k accordingly.

How do I enter?

Simply click the Contribute button in the LeakKiller Challenge hub and select Add An Article. Then follow the attached guidance document.

How can I be sure my entry won't be copied.

Even if you press publish, your entry will only be visible to DesignSpark moderators until after the closing date. All entries will be published after the closing date.

Is there more information to help me?

Yes, please read the attached guidance document before designing your solution.

Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you read and agree to the terms and conditions before posting your entry.

LeakKiller Challenge

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