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Le « Made in France » pour protéger la reine d’Angleterre ?

The proliferation of USB storage devices and the increase in their capacities have made it one of the most common media for data transfer.

In the early 2000s, a 64 or 128MB key was a real technological revolution. Today, a 4 or 8GB USB key has become an advertising medium offered at trade fairs.

The USB (Universal Serial Bus) standard has not been reserved for computers for a long time, the USB key has become essential both for playing your favorite music on your car radio and for updating the firmware on your TVs and others Home cinema.

If manufacturers are competing to offer ever higher capacity keys (to date up to 2TB!) Or speeds of more than 260MB / s, the same cannot be said for the security of all these data that we store on these super practical little bits of technology.


With these supports which are almost never secure, losing a key containing your holiday photos is always annoying (even more if you are a follower of naturism), but it can quickly become a question of national security if this key contains for example the details the security of a large London airport.

This is what was made public in late October by the English media. From the location of surveillance cameras to the routes taken by the Queen, 2.5 GB of confidential Heathrow Airport security data was found on the sidewalk in the streets of London. No hacking skills were required for the discoverer of this key to access the data, which is accessible without protection.

Malice or gross negligence, however, there are many solutions to protect critical data on the go. From the simple password requested when opening files to mechanical locks by code on the key, some manufacturers such as the French designers of the Evikey key have specialized in securing our data on these media to transform them into real safes. strong digital.

Of French manufacture and having obtained the French trophy of the embedded “connected object 2014” the evikey USB keys offer a high data security thanks to a locking-unlocking system using the user's phone as digital key and integrating a device called “Contactless Padlock Self Sufficient”, which powers the “Fullsecure” system. The power comes from the signal from the antenna of the NFC readers of smartphones and tablets associated with a mobile application installed on the device. Autonomous in electrical energy, the settings can only be made by NFC.


They do not require the installation of any software or driver on the host computer thus avoiding an attempt of hacking via this one and integrate a “black box” in the form of a history of the last 15 events displaying for example the modes unlocking, types of errors, electronic, thermal, electrical anomalies,…

In addition to its Hardsecure protection which will permanently block the keys in the event of repeated attempts at intrusion, they have a self-locking system with fullprotect® which controls the quality of the energy source in real time, automatically locking the key by electrical insulation in the event of a non-conforming signal. In short, this key includes something to keep the Queen and her subjects safe.

And you ? What do you think ? What is the best way to protect your data?

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