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21 Nov 2018, 10:46

labview interface for Pic Microcontroller 18f452

Hi to all. In this project, we will study the labview interface for Pic Microcontroller 18f452. 

This microcontroller can measure voltage (0 to 500),current 0 to 5A, rpm 0 to 9999 and power.

The microcontroller is sending all values from serial port and pickit2 for programming.

Raspberry based Web Server

The components we are using:

what is diode


  • Pic Microcontroller 18f452 (467-2126)
  • LCD 2 x16 blue colour (791-6476)
  • 1 relay 12 voltage single pole single through 
  • Transistors C945 
  • Optocupler PC817 
  • LEDs - red colour (228-5988) and green colour (228-6004)
  • PT potential transformer 
  • CT current transformer (173-0201)
  • Bridge rectifier 
  • rpm sensor
  • resistor, capacitor, diode, connector    
  • pic kit2 programmer


Here is Pic Microcontroller 18f452 source code:

// LCD module conne

sbit LCD_RS at Rb2_bit;

sbit LCD_EN at Rb3_bit;

sbit LCD_D4 at Rb4_bit;

sbit LCD_D5 at Rb5_bit;

sbit LCD_D6 at Rb6_bit;

sbit LCD_D7 at Rb7_bit;


sbit LCD_RS_Direction at TRISb2_bit;

sbit LCD_EN_Direction at TRISb3_bit;

sbit LCD_D4_Direction at TRISb4_bit;

sbit LCD_D5_Direction at TRISb5_bit;

sbit LCD_D6_Direction at TRISb6_bit;

sbit LCD_D7_Direction at TRISb7_bit;

// End LCD module connections

#define      rly1   portd.f0

#define      rly2   portd.f1

#define      rly3   portd.f2

#define      rly4   portd.f3

#define      rly5   portd.f4


#define      sw1   portc.f0


char *someText;



 long ADC_value,ADC_value1,v11,c11,t11,P11,c12,diff=0,avg=0,t22,v22;

int i=0,j=0,cnt=0,rpm=0;

char txt[7];

  unsigned short ii;

  unsigned int jj;

   unsigned char ch,kk,count=0;

 void send_volt();

 void send_current();

 void  save_val();


void timer0_Intit()


// Timer0 Registers:// 16-Bit Mode; Prescaler=1:16; TMRH Preset=B; TMRL Preset=DC; Freq=1.00Hz; Period=1.00 s

T0CON.TMR0ON = 1;// Timer0 On/Off Control bit:1=Enables Timer0 / 0=Stops Timer0

T0CON.T08BIT = 0;// Timer0 8-bit/16-bit Control bit: 1=8-bit timer/counter / 0=16-bit timer/counter

T0CON.T0CS   = 0;// TMR0 Clock Source Select bit: 0=Internal Clock (CLKO) / 1=Transition on T0CKI pin

T0CON.T0SE   = 0;// TMR0 Source Edge Select bit: 0=low/high / 1=high/low

T0CON.PSA    = 0;// Prescaler Assignment bit: 0=Prescaler is assigned; 1=NOT assigned/bypassed

T0CON.T0PS2  = 0;// bits 2-0  PS2:PS0: Prescaler Select bits

T0CON.T0PS1  = 1;

T0CON.T0PS0  = 1;

TMR0H = 0xB;    // preset for Timer0 MSB register

TMR0L = 0xDC;    // preset for Timer0 LSB register


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21 Nov 2018, 10:46


February 4, 2019 10:35

Great post. Thanks for sharing the code. Although I have a question, if we want to scroll the text on LCD, do you have any code for that? I am working on a similar project.

Once again thanks for sharing. Thumbs up to open source.