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Keysight’s E36300 Series – The Next Generation Triple-Output Power Supplies

New designs are complex, placing higher demands on the systems that power them. Many design engineers don’t realize that a significant and growing portion of design problems are caused by these power systems. Frequently, basic power supplies are used during early stages of design evaluation but these basic supplies are incapable of uncovering the power problems.

The new, easy-to-use E36300 triple output bench power supply series allows you to simulate your power problems early in the design cycle. It offers unique features not typically found in other power supplies on the market, such as low current measurements, auto-series/parallel connections, output sequencing, and data logging along with several other capabilities that will provide early detection of power problems. All this, and it’s acoustically quiet, too!

Beside the design engineers, these power supplies are also ideal for new users and students, as it makes learning how to use the power supplies and set up measurements simple. The industry-standard front panel is easy to use and features a built-in help function so new users can quickly control and measure to deliver results. The E36300 series is supported by Keysight BenchVue software, and also enables control of power supplies to set parameters, visualize power output, set status alerts, and data log changing voltage and current over time. Quickly automate power supply setups and measurements into test sequences using the included Test Flow capabilities.











Features of the E36300 series

1) Low range current measurement

Typically different external shunts are required to measure low and high range current. This is not required on E36300 Series as it has built-in capability to measure low range current (<20mA). The ability to accurately measure low currents internally reduces the need for an external multimeter and simplifies the setup, and most bench DC power supplies do not come close to measuring at this level.

2) Auto series/parallel connections

Channel 2 and Channel 3 of the E36312A and E36313A can be set to series or parallel mode to double the output voltage or current. The setting is done through the front panel display with graphical user interface instructions. No external wiring between channels is required.

3) Data Logging

The E36312A/E36313A can also function as a data logger. Data can be simultaneously logged to the large color display and to a file on all three DC outputs. Measurements are spaced by the sample period, which is programmable from 200 milliseconds to 60 seconds. The maximum data log duration is 30,000 hrs. The built-in data-logging feature eliminates the additional setup complication and time investment associated with integrating a power source and an external data-logging device

4) Output Sequencing

Some function testing requires power source outputs to turn on or off sequentially. For example, certain circuit board designs require a power startup sequence in which different power-bias points on the board power up at different times. Each channel on the E36312A/E36313A units can be individually set to turn on or turn off with a delay. By adjusting the delay times and then commanding the turn on, you can set the power supply to sequence in a particular order. Delay times can be set from 0 to 3600 seconds delay in 1 ms increments.

5) Output LIST – waveform creation

LIST mode lets you generate complex sequences of output changes with rapid, precise timing which may be synchronized with internal or external signals. The LIST can also trigger on internal or external events and be repeated. Once the list of commands is stored in the power supply, the entire list is executed by a single command. This reduces command processing time and simplifies the code.

6) BenchVue

The E36300 Series is supported on BenchVue software BV0003B. BenchVue Power Supply Control & Automation allows you to easily track and record your power supply outputs to understand the impact of events to power draw.

In Summary

The new E36300 series gives you everything that you need as a bench power supply, with best in class ease of use, remote programming, and excellent measurement accuracy. You can operate and test with confidence—and power your next insight.

For more information about E36300 Series, please watch the videos provided below, or visit

E36300 information videos

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18 Sep 2017, 13:14